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The Vehicle Interior Takes a Beating

The trouble with a vehicle’s interior is simple: it’s mostly made of perishable materials. That’s why there’s a long-standing joke about how the interior on a Honda will wear out before the engine. For folks looking to preserve and keep their vehicle in tip-top shape for most of its life, you’ll have to resort to more creative solutions in order to keep the textiles covering your seats, and the accent materials on the dash looking new for years to come. That’s where ceramic coating for interiors comes into play.

Benefits of Interior Ceramic Coating

  • Prevents Stains
  • Preserves the Integrity of the Fibers
  • Keeps Material from Absorbing Liquids
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Prevents Color Fade
  • Safe on All Interior Surfaces
  • Durable, Long-Term Protection
  • Cost-Effective
  • Creates a Seamless Coating
  • Won’t Change the Color of the Materials
Appropriate For All Fabrics

Appropriate For All Fabrics

Only One Professional Coating

Only One Professional Coating

Low Odor That Fades Fast

Low Odor That Fades Fast

Provides Infallible Protection

Provides Infallible Protection


Interior Protection for Leather, Vinyl, Carpet and Fabric

Here at RC Detailing, we use the SystemX formula for interior protection for a variety of reasons. The first is that it’s an extremely versatile coating that provides top-to-bottom protection without providing a heavy, or overly noticeable layer on top of your interior materials. It’s versatile and capable of protecting carpeting, leather, vinyl and even fabric seats. While consumer-grade coatings will only last around three months at a time, our professional coating only needs a one time installation to be effective and durable for years to come. That means stains, spills, and messes of all sorts won’t be able to seep through your fabric at all.

RC Detail tests every single product we sell with a set of strict guidelines, which is why we know that when you have a ceramic coating installed, you won’t have to deal with armstrong odor lingering in your vehicle for days to come. The coating is sprayed by a professional and then allowed to air-dry to ensure that no residue or smells linger.

It’s the perfect solution if you’re searching for excellent protection that you only need to invest in once.

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